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How it Works
Making PayDay Loans Fairer
MoneyRunner is not a long term solution. We are there to help you out when you've fallen short of cash before your next pay cheque. We understand that unexpected bills, great opportunities and emergency situations can arise at anytime and we are here to help.
The process is simple:
1) Sign up and provide the relevant details we require to supply you with a loan.
2) Using your information you will be provided with a maximum figure that you are allowed to borrow at any one time.
3) You will then be able to select how much money you would like to borrow and for how long (up to 35 days).
4) After you have read the terms and conditions and clicked to sign the online contract your funds shall be debited to your account, usually within 10 minutes.
5) On your promise date we shall charge your bank account the required amount to pay back the loan and interest.
Representative APR: 1560.45%
You should always think carefully before committing to any form of credit
Failure to pay by your promise date will result in a £30 missed payment fee. We may report this to credit reference agencies. This may affect your credit rating and your ability to get credit from us or other lenders in the future. It may also make getting credit more expensive in the future.
Before taking a loan with us you should consider:
1) We are not designed for long term borrowing
2) Our loans are there for occasional use
3) You should not borrow if you are unable to pay back within the designated time frame
4) You should not borrow to repay existing debts or if you are under any other financial strain
As a responsible lender, we:
  • Preform credit checks to make a fast and safe decision
  • Assess every application on an individual basis and only offer loans to those we think can afford to pay the loan back
  • Do not guarantee approval and constantly reassess our members accounts
  • Never share your personal details with a third party
To be Eligible for a loan you must:
  • Be a UK resident
  • Be over 18
  • A bank account holder with a debit card
  • A mobile phone owner
If you are accepted for a loan it is up to you to keep your promise. We want to offer you a great We aim to give you your money within 10 minutes but guarantee to have the money in your account within 24 hours.
We are a responsible lender offering short term loans. We are completely transparent with our charges, interest rates and how we operate. This is to avoid and confusion and so that the customer knows exactly what they are getting.
service whenever your in need but can only do some if we have a trusting relationship. Only you can decide to apply for a loan. So if your not sure if you can repay or if this is the loan for you please do not apply until you are sure and have received advice.
What does it cost?
Interest Rate: 0.5068% per day (simple interest), this is calculated at the end of every day and added to your interest bearing balance that day.
Transmission Fee: £5.50, This is added to the loan amount requested and will acquire interest, any alterations, top ups of your loan will also be charged a transmission fee.
Extension Fee: £10.00 Charged if we accept your request for an extension and will also acquire interest. You are not guaranteed to be approved for an extension.
Late Payment Fee: £30.00 Charged if you missed your payment on your promise date, this willacquire interest. Late Payment fee will be charged every 30 days until the full balance is paid.
Representative Example:
Amount of credit: £100 for 18 days
Interest: £9.63
Interest Rate: 185% per annum (fixed)
Transmission Fee: £5.50
Total Repayment: £115.13
Representative 1560.45% APR.
Adding additional credit:
As mentioned above you will be charged a transmission fee that will acquire interest. Your additional credit does not alter your promise date.
We lend using a trust rating. Those with the highest trust rating will be allowed to borrow up to £1000. Our loans are not intended for regular use, however those who have had a loan through us before will be able to apply for a loan faster by logging into their account.
If you have borrowed with us before you are not guaranteed to be accepted for another loan.

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Making PayDay Loans
Representative APR: 1560.45%
Interest Rate: 0.5068% per day (Simple Interest), thats just over ½ a percent. Transmission Fee: £5.50
Extension Fee: £10.00 Late Payment Fee: £30.00
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